Dad we are so proud of you and the amazing paintings and art work you have done. Me and mum miss seeing you sitting in the living room painting your beautiful detailed pictures for hours and hours. The statues you made and painted were amazing. Artwork was not only a hobby for you but it kept your mind busy as you struggled with your illnesses but this gave you motivation and the will to carry on. You even used your talent teaching the grandchildren on how to paint and they still have the beautiful paintings they did with you, they will keep them forever close. If only you was here to see how viral your paintings have become and how they are shared all over the world. You were the most kind and caring husband anyone could ask for. My best friend and soul mate. We miss you very much and you will forever be in our hearts. We know you will always be by our side watching over us and guiding us to do the best like you always have. We will keep making you proud just like we are proud of you. Love you loads.”

Mandy & Mum


“Life will never be the same without you now dad. You will never be forgotten and will always forever be in my mind, heart, thoughts & prayers. Thank you for bringing us up to be who we are today, and for everything you have done for us. Throughout my years of growing up we have been through many good and difficult times. You suffered so much with your health but you always carried on and never gave up. Everyone who knew you will know that painting became your medicine. Your dream was to one day exhibit your paintings. Words cannot describe how I’m feeling right now because I’ve made your dream come true. Your name and paintings are out for the world to see, I’m praying you see it too from where you may be. You touched everyone’s heart dad. Amneek cherishes the picture of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which you helped her draw and paint. Arjan definitely has your artistic gene, he is so good at drawing and wants to be an amazing artist just like you. Thank you for being the best dad & nana ji in the world, I’m proud to have been part of your life as your daughter but even prouder to call you my dad.

We all miss you so dearly, every night I pray that Wahe Guru Ji keeps you close to his charan always, you are pain free & happy. Love you forever…”

Neetu, Harvey & The Ubbey Family


“Dad, there hasn’t been a day go by when I haven’t thought about you. I will always remember that smile, that caring heart and most of all your warm hugs and great words of wisdom. Whenever things got tough you always knew what to say and gave me the strength to carry on and believe in myself. You always taught us to never give up. My heart still aches and tears still flow, what it meant for me to lose you no one will ever know. Although you can’t be here right now you will always be alive in my heart. Thank you for being the greatest dad, shine bright dad and continue to protect us from heaven. Love you with all my heart.”

Ranjeet, Jeevan, Rajan, Aaran & Badhan Family.


“A loving husband, father & nana ji who is deeply missed by everybody. Dad we miss you so so much, not a day goes by where we don’t think about you and talk about all the memories we shared together. Dad hope you’re looking down proud, knowing your beautiful paintings have gone viral for everyone to see, your wish came true. We are incredibly proud of everything you have achieved. I miss you smile, your hugs and chats over a cup of tea. No matter how old we are, we still need our dad and wonder how we will get by without you. I know that your guiding hands will be on our shoulders forever. Love you so much, always in my heart.”

Jinny, Tom & Ava-Rose xxx


“Our nana ji, a man of many talents. We all shared lots of amazing memories with you that we will cherish forever. Arjan really misses watering all your beautiful flowers and plants in the garden with you. We both miss you teaching us about art. I still have kept the Guru Nanak Dev Ji canvas you helped me draw and paint, I will keep that forever. We loved the times you took us to theme parks, you would be the first one to be ready in the morning. We would have so much fun you went on all the rides with Arjan. We miss you so much and think about you everyday. Not a day goes by when we don’t mention you. We love you so much and hope you are resting now and pain free,”

Amneek & Arjan


“Incredible pictures: the faces of the Sikhs in the paintings are full of bliss, it reasonably follows that the painter must have been in a state of Chardi Kala. God bless his soul for leaving us such beautiful work.”

Avtar Singh Kalsi & Family


“Best uncle in the world, sadly gone too early. May you rest in peace hopefully see you in another life. What a true gentleman always smiling and happy to see you. Still got your present you made me by my bedside. Each day I wake up I pray to it, thank you uncle, God bless you.”

Arky Kang & Family


“A beautiful tribute for such a beautiful devoted family man. Taken far too soon but God had plans. An exceptionally talented artist whose faith inspired his incredible work. I pray you are honoured to be painting for your God now. I know he will be exceptionally proud of how his precious family have shown strength, togetherness and courage during his heart breaking passing. Forever in your hearts.”

Jodie Martino


“A beautiful tribute to a wonderful uncle (Mama Ji) to us and brother to my mum and dad. We loved him dearly from the moment he came to live with us from India, he was a true gentleman and always happy to see us. He has left us with so many memories to cherish. All of us will and are missing him but are blessed to have been part of his journey. Wishing the rest of his family lots of love, hugs, peace and prayers.”

Dhanjal, Phull & Nandhra Family


“It was always such an honour to be in presence of Bhaji Harvinder SIngh Ji. Even with battling with his health he was a very talented artist, inspirational, humbled and deeply spiritual Sikh. Sadly missed. May his soul rest in Wahe Guru Ji’s charan.”

Kulwant Kaur Jheeta


“These are amazing paintings, such skill and something for generations to learn from. Phuphur was always doing one when we would come round. Such pride and dedication he showed. Always wearing a smile and making us feel so welcome. He will truly be missed. In our thoughts and heart always and forever”

Sodi, Hardev, Jaya & Veer


“Life is very short. Very sorry for your loss. RIP”

Gurdev Takhar


“Taya Ji (Big dad).  He will always be my mentor. 

Death is not extinguishing the light,.  It is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come”

Kuldeep Singh Ajimal


“A beautiful tribute for Uncle Ji.  Such a talented artist and dedicated family man.  My dad said that he looks forward to his art lesson when they meet.  I can see where Mani gets her artistic talents from, shown so wonderfully in the wedding cake she so kindly made for me.”

Love from Matharu & Williams families. 


“A simply beautiful tribute for Uncle Ji.  He was truly gifted and there is so much love in each of these paintings.

Uncle Ji was a wonderful man.  He was always so humble, gentle and respectful and one of the nicest people in this world.  There was always kindness in his eyes and he never spoke bad about anything.  His family were his world and they are all a credit to him and his guidance.

The beauty of Uncle Ji’s soul shows through his work and he would be so proud that these are shared with so many people now. 

Cant believe it’s been almost a year but you will always live on in these masterpieces!”

Harjinder and the Virdee Family