Born on April 30th, 1952 to Karam Singh Ajimal & Charan Kaur Ajimal our dad was one of eight children.  He grew up in New Delhi where he lived with his family,  studied and set up his business.  He moved to the UK in September 1976 and got married the following year in May 1977 to our mum. Our parents set up their home in Birmingham and then went on to have four daughters. He was a hard working man who would go out of his way to provide everything for his family. He was also known for being the Jack of all trades, there was nothing he couldn’t do. If something broke, he could fix it or if something needed building he would be straight onto it. 

He loved spending time with the family and taking us on days out,  theme parks was a regular visit for us! We would go away on many weekend trips to visit family and go to places like Blackpool to see the illuminations, Barry Islands and South End on Sea. One of the most memorable trips we have ever been on was travelling around India for 6 weeks, this was something our dad always wanted to do with his family. We went everywhere from Hemkunt Sahib to Manikaran Sahib, Amritsar to visit Sri Harmandir Sahib, Anandpur Sahib and Sri Bangla Sahib in Delhi. We also visited places like Rajasthan, The Taj Mahal and Mumbai. Wherever we would go his camera and camcorder came with us taking pictures every single moment…..we appreciate and cherish these photos more than ever now. Photography and filming was another great hobby of his.

Unfortunately dads health started to suffer at an early age. About 20 years ago he became very ill and one night around Christmas time he had two brain hemorrhages with the third imminent at anytime. He was rushed into hospital and given an emergency CT scan. That night we were told that he had a tumor on his pituitary gland at the front of his forehead and they would have to operate on him that very night to try remove it. It was touch and go that night, we didn’t know if he was going to make it we were told to prepare for the worst…….but he fought and he made it through the night.

He faced a very long road ahead, he no longer went to work, and attended many numerous hospital appointments each week and was on around 30 tablets a day. He went through bouts of radiotherapy but the side effects of that treatment made him quite sick. A few more years down the line the doctors discovered another tumor on his optic nerve, however this was to be controlled through medication to save his eyesight they could never operate on it. He developed arthritis, which gave him a lot of joint pains. Despite being in hospital a couple of times with severe pneumonia and other health issues over the years, with Wahe Guru Ji’s kirpa he never ever gave up.

Anyone who knew our dad will tell you he was an amazing man who had endless talents, no matter what he was going through or how he was feeling there would always be a smile on his face and a big warm hug. In 2007 our parents became grandparents and over the years they had more grandchildren and this family life is what he lived for.  He started enjoying himself a little more and going on regular holidays with mum, seeing a bit more of the world they had many more holidays planned. 

He continued to battle through his health and put his mind into painting to help him through his pain. He would often say “when I paint, my pain goes away..” His passion and knowledge of Sikh history became apparent in his free hand drawings. Over the years he amassed a vast collection of paintings. We only recently discovered a certificate he had kept when he received a 1st for painting in secondary school. Despite battling all his illnesses fighting back through everything over the years, our dad lost his fight to Covid-19 on the 3rd April 2020 and passed away in the early hours of the morning.

His dream was to one day exhibit his paintings for everyone to see in an art gallery which one day we will fulfil. However, with the help of Dharam Seva Records his dream has come true. They have been posting up a selection of our dad’s paintings on their social media platforms which have been shared amongst thousands across the world and have amassed over a million Likes, Our dad would have been overwhelmed. A huge heart felt thank you from all our family to Dharam Seva Records, none of this would have been possible to this extent without your help and guidance.

This website was created in honor of our dad late Harvinder Singh Ajimal. It shows all the paintings he has done and what he was working on before he passed away. Please feel free to share the website with as many people as you can and to write a tribute in his memory.

Dad, you was the most caring, loving, humble, devoted son, husband, father, brother and nana ji. This short biography is just an insight into your life, no words will ever be enough to describe the person you were and what you meant to us……you touched everyone’s heart.

A true inspiration.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.